Teenage Brains and Behaviour Series is a 6 hour training programme that brings together the latest research from neuroscience, biology and psychology about what influences behaviour during adolescence and aims to create improved understanding of how to support young people during this vulnerable period of development.


The series is divided into 3 x 2 hour sessions covering;

The Connected Brain

Risk and resilience factors for children and young people's mental health and well-being

The Amazing Teenage Brain

The window of opportunity and vulnerability during the period of adolescent brain development

The Brain Under Stress

Helping young people develop skills to overcome setbacks and develop resilience

The course can be delivered to whole school staff groups, a select group of staff e.g. Pupil Suport Leaders and multi-agency staff groups from a variety of youth, community or voluntary organisations.



Over 500 staff across Edinburgh have now completed the course.  Evaluation has found:

97% found the course valuable

93% felt the course has had a positive impact on their professional practice

90% thought the course had had a positive impact on a personal level

75% reported that when working with children and young people there are things they will do differently with the knowledge they have gained

96% enjoyed the course and would recommend to a colleague


Feedback and Testimonials

"A more positive perspective on how I can help pupils cope in difficult situations"

"I feel that taking things less personally and thinking in the long term will be beneficial.  Reminded me why I became a teacher"

"Armed with more knowledge, I have a better understanding of my pupils.  It has also changed the way I teach some children (and relate to children and young people)"