Have you wondered what makes children tick and how you can support your children to be confident and resilient? Then Raising Children with Confidence is for you!

Raising Children with Confidence (RCWC) is a universal training programme for groups of parents and carers which focuses on promotion of positive mental health and emotional well-being. 

It aims to

  • Improve parent and carer understanding about factors which influence positive mental health and emotional well-being.
  • Support parents and carers to better promote emotional well-being in themselves and their children.

RCWC is an affirming course which pulls together many of the latest findings and evidence from neuroscience, psychology and social science to explain what influences children’s emotional well-being and why what parents do makes such a difference.  It recognises the uniqueness of every family and, through increasing knowledge and allowing you to share your experiences with other parents and carers, will support you to make choices and changes which are relevant to your family.

What will I learn in Raising Children with Confidence?

RCWC is a 14 hour course with 7 x 2 hour sessions

It covers the following topics:

1. Introduction to emotional health & well-being

2. Why do kids do that?

Exploring some of the research into brain development and how stress affects the brain.

3. What’s love got to do with it?
An introduction to attachment theory and how relationships in early life can have an impact on well-being longer term.

4. Cotton wool kids?
Explores resilience and what parents can do to support their child to manage life's up and downs.

5. Staying connected?
What is empathy and how can we support children's development of empathy through effective communication and role modelling.

6. What makes us, us?
How the childhood experiences of parents can shape their behaviour as adults and how they can look after their own emotional well-being.

7. 21st Century Childhood
Explores media influences on children and reviews the main ingredients to developing resilient, emotionally healthy children.


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